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        1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.

          Rebuilding The New Benchmark Of The City | Create Suleymaniya's Super High Rise Building Style With Strength

          Charm of New Landmark | IFE Help Iraq Create a Benchmark for Urban Super High rise Residential Buildings

          Recently, IFE Elevator won the highest residential project in Suleymaniya, PARK 77. Today's Sulaymaniyah City began in 1784 and has always been the cradle of Iraq's great poets, writers, historians, singers and politicians; It is also the second largest city in Iraq's reservoir area and an important granary in Iraq.

          SARGULA, the developer of PARK 77 in Sulaimania, is one of the largest local builders, and has participated in major landmark projects such as airport terminal, tunnel, NEWROZ international football field in Suzhou City. IFE Elevator was highly recognized by the developers and contractors of this project, and witnessed the brand influence of IFE Elevator overseas.

          Elevators And Escalators

          1. Reproduce the trend of national brands and jointly build new landmarks

          The PARK 77 project has three 40 storey buildings, which are adjacent to the state government of Jiangsu Province. It is a new landmark of Jiangsu Province and the highest residential complex project in Suleymani. Its successful implementation will certainly show the charm of Suleymaniya, a modern city. As the elevator receiver of the project, Kuaili will provide 1050-1600KG, 3.0m/s elevators for the project; Each building is equipped with 4 passenger elevators and 1 fire service elevator, with a total of 15 elevators. Together with the developer SARGULA, we will promote the new landmark of Iraqi cities.

          Elevators Company

          In fact, this is not the first time that IFE Elevator has participated in Iraqi engineering projects. Previously, it worked with BALAMBO Group to jointly build a key livelihood project in Iraq - the Zanko City Project in Sulaimaniya. Not only Iraq, IFE Elevator has successfully delivered 4.0m/s high-rise residential buildings in the Saudi Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development, Dubai Business Bay, Dubai JAFZA Trade City, Kuwait National Security Department, Kuwait Airways and other projects in the Middle East market, which confirms that IFE Elevator's "going out" strategy continues to bear fruit and shine in overseas markets!

          This time, IFE broke out from many international brands. It is precisely the developers who, based on their comprehensive investigation of IFE's projects in Iraq, Dubai and other Middle East countries and regions, have highly recognized the quality of IFE's elevator products, the speed of service response, and the excellent project implementation and delivery capabilities, which will also lay a solid foundation for the high-quality implementation of the PARK 77 project.

          Elevators Manufacturer

          2. Overcome all difficulties and effectively promote project implementation

          The success of any project is not easy. Winning the right to undertake the project is only the first step. How to complete the project delivery with high quality and efficiency will test the technical strength and service experience of manufacturers. The successful implementation of each project must go through the process from the communication of the early design scheme to the completion of the design drawings, to the field survey and project installation. Each link needs to be strictly controlled, and various problems can be overcome one by one, so that the task can be successfully completed.

          The implementation of the PARK 77 project by IFE Elevator is facing considerable challenges. In particular, the project side has high requirements for the installation quality and construction progress of the elevator. IFE Elevator implements seamless links throughout the project from design to installation to maintenance, effectively promoting the rapid landing of the project. In addition, there are a series of strict technical standards and technological process standards in the installation link. In every link of implementation, the standards are strictly followed. With efficient and professional services, high requirements, high standards and high quality delivery are achieved to ensure the stability and reliability of delivered elevator products.

          Elevators Supplier

          Elevators For Sale

          In addition, IFE needs to equip each of the three residential buildings with a 1600KG fire service elevator with heavy load in strict accordance with EN81-72 standard, which puts forward stricter requirements for the high load and high performance fire elevator. The IFE fire elevator adopts the design of heavy load platform and the industry-leading permanent magnet synchronous drive system, which breaks through the technical barriers of heavy load elevators, better deals with heavier loads, and greatly improves the transportation efficiency of fire elevators and reduces operating power consumption.

          3. Rebuild the benchmark and steadily move forward in internationalization

          IFE Elevator has been deeply involved in the elevator field for 35 years, won one major project after another in the domestic and foreign public construction, commercial and residential fields, set up one city benchmark after another, and has covered more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa, demonstrating the charm of national elevator brands in major cities around the world.

          PARK 77 is the highest residential project in Sulaimaniya. As one of the landmarks of Sulaimaniya, its perfect delivery will certainly lay a solid foundation for cooperation to enhance the popularity and influence of IFE Elevator in Iraq and even the Middle East, and greatly promote the in-depth development of IFE Elevator in the Iraqi market and the expansion of high-end high-rise market, so that the pace of internationalization will move forward steadily.

          Elevators Price

          In the future, based on the national "the Belt and Road" strategy, IFE Elevator will steadily promote the strategic layout of enterprise globalization. On the other hand, it will vigorously expand the domestic market, let the world witness Chinese technology and Chinese manufacturing, and constantly consolidate the upward force of IFE Elevator as an internationally trusted brand.

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