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        1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.

          Led by Innovation, Open a New Era of Energy-saving Elevators

          With the rapid development of the economy, elevators have become more popular in high-rise and super high-rise buildings as a vertical means of transportation. However, the power consumption of elevators also increases with the number of elevators. Therefore, energy-saving elevators will become the future development direction of the industry.

          While IFE ELEVATORS is developing rapidly, it has always spared no effort to carry out technological innovation, and has achieved good results in the development of energy saving and consumption reduction. With its self-developed "energy feedback regeneration technology", IFE has realized the transformation from "energy saving" to "energy generation". The application of this technology in elevator products has been sought after by overseas developed countries and regions. Singapore has become an international model of a green city-state with efficient environmental policies, and is known as the "greenest city in Asia". Therefore, more than 6,500 elevators delivered and implemented by the HDB project in cooperation between IFE and the Singapore Housing Development Board are equipped with energy feedback re-lifting technology. It can be said that this technology is gradually becoming a standard configuration for exporting overseas, and is listed in elevators by overseas customers. in the list of purchase requirements.

          The secret of elevator "energy creation"

          Energy return device. It can achieve significant energy-saving effect without changing the elevator operation control rules and the traction motor power. So how does it do it?

          To put it simply, it is an energy feedback device installed on an ordinary elevator, which can convert the kinetic energy and potential energy generated when the elevator is running into electrical energy, and transmit it to the power grid to supply other nearby electrical equipment for use. In this way, the phenomenon that the potential energy of elevators is wasted in the past has been changed, and the current technology can make this potential energy go back to the grid and turn it into electric energy, that is, "power generation".

          Innovative energy-saving technologies to lead a low-carbon future

          As early as many years ago, IFE ELEVATORS began to deploy green energy efficiency business and research "energy feedback regeneration technology". After years of tireless exploration and research by technicians, the technology was finally successfully developed and empowered on elevator products, opening a new era of energy saving.

          The successful application of this technology can not only effectively reduce the heat and temperature of the machine room, but also improve the service life of elevator equipment. Most of the traditional elevators adopt the energy-consuming braking method, that is, the external braking resistor consumes the electric energy, which will cause the braking resistor to rapidly heat up, emit smoke, or even turn red, which will cause the ambient temperature of the machine room to rise, which will affect the performance of other equipment in the machine room for a long time. normal operation. The elevator equipped with the "energy feedback device" of IFE ELEVATORS can avoid this situation.

          In addition, elevators equipped with this technology will also produce huge economic and environmental benefits. The elevator, which is also called "the two electric tigers of public buildings" together with the air conditioner, is a big consumer of electricity. According to statistics, in 2021, the number of elevators in my country will exceed 8.447 million units, and the cumulative power consumption throughout the year is equivalent to the total power generation of a Daya Bay nuclear power plant. If all energy-saving elevators are adopted in the whole country, it is equivalent to building one more nuclear power plant.

          Therefore, the energy feedback device developed and produced by IFE ELEVATORS not only conforms to the development strategy of energy conservation and emission reduction in my country, but also has good social effects and huge economic benefits.

          Leading the trend of science and technology, the products sell well all over the world

          IFE ELEVATORS has been deeply involved in the elevator field for 35 years, and has continuously increased its innovation investment in R&D every year, only to bring the most cutting-edge technology that is in line with the development strategy of the times into products. The application of "energy feedback regeneration technology" in elevators is the best practical example. It is also with the blessing of this technology that the elevator products launched by IFE ELEVATORS have the advantages of longer life and lower energy consumption, which are favored and recognized by customers at home and abroad. In the past decades, our elevators have been successfully sold to Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Russia, the Middle East, India, South Africa and other countries and regions.

          In the future, IFE ELEVATORS will take green technology, energy saving and emission reduction as the development direction of the industry, and increase investment in research and development of green elevator products. IFE continues to launch new products with lower noise, longer life, more energy-saving and environmental protection, and contribute to the country's goal of "carbon peaking by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060" as scheduled.

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