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        1. IFE ELEVATORS CO., LTD.

          A New Benchmark for Urban Reconstruction|IFE ELEVATORS Contributes to the Construction of Super High-rise Buildings in Sulaymaniyah

          Recently, IFE ELEVATORS has won PARK 77, the tallest residential project in Sulaymaniyah. Sulaymaniyah is a city in northeastern Iraq. It is located in the mountains near the Iranian border and on the banks of the Tangero River. It is 854 meters above sea level and 260 kilometers southwest from the capital Baghdad. Compared with other cities in Iraq, Sulaymaniyah has a higher degree of modernization, and the BMW cars running on the streets show the prosperity of the city.

          SARGULA, the developer of the Sulaymaniyah project PARK 77, is one of the largest local builders. SARGULA has participated in major landmark projects such as airport terminals, tunnels, and NEWROZ international football stadium in Sulaymaniyah, and has a great local influence. IFE ELEVATORS has been highly recognized by the developers and contractors of this project, witnessing its brand influence overseas.

          1. Show the power of national brands and build new landmarks together

          The PARK 77 project consists of three 40-storey buildings and is located next to the state government of Sulaymaniyah. It is a new landmark in Sulaymaniyah and is currently the highest residential complex project. Its successful landing will surely show the charm of this modern city of Sulaymaniyah. As the elevator contractor of the project, IFE ELEVATORS will provide elevators with a load capacity of 1050-1600KG and 2.5M/S for the project. Each building is equipped with 4 passenger elevators and 1 fire service elevator, with a total of 15 elevators. IFE and developer SARGULA jointly promote the new landmark of Iraqi cities.

          In fact, this is not the first time that IFE ELEVATORS has participated in an Iraqi engineering project. Previously, IFE had joined hands with BALAMBO Group to jointly build the Sulaymaniyah Zanko City project, a key livelihood project in Iraq. Not only in Iraq, IFE ELEVATORS has successfully delivered projects in the Middle East market such as the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development of Saudi Arabia, the Iran Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo, and the Denmark Pavilion.

          This time, IFE has made a strong breakthrough from many international brands. It is the developer based on a comprehensive inspection of IFE's local projects in Iraq and Dubai and other projects, the product quality, high-speed elevator quality and localized solutions, and excellent project implementation. The comprehensive strength such as delivery ability is highly recognized. These strengths will also lay a solid foundation for the high-quality implementation of the PARK 77 project.

          2. Overcome all difficulties and efficiently promote the implementation of the project

          The success of any project is not easy. Winning the right to undertake the project is only the first step. How to complete the project delivery with high quality and high efficiency will test the technical strength and service experience of the manufacturer. The successful implementation of each project has to go through the process from the communication of the preliminary design plan to the completion of the design drawings, to the on-site investigation and project installation and implementation. Every link needs to be strictly controlled and various difficulties can be overcome one by one. mission accomplished.

          The implementation of the PARK 77 project by IFE ELEVATORS also faced numerous challenges. Generally, it is about 40 floors, which is the sensitive height of super high-rise building design. The operation of three 40-storey super high-rise buildings in the PARK 77 project has undoubtedly enhanced the work intensity and difficulty of the elevator installers. At the same time, the project party has high requirements on the quality and schedule of elevator installation. In order to improve the economic benefits of installation, IFE ELEVATORS adopts advanced no-stand technology, which not only saves engineering costs, but also improves work efficiency.

          In addition, each of the three residential buildings is equipped with a 1600KG large-capacity fire service ladder, which puts forward more stringent requirements for high-capacity, high-performance and high-speed. The IFE ELEVATORS industry adopts the industry-leading permanent magnet synchronous drive system and large-load platform design system to break through the technical barriers of large-load elevators and better cope with heavier loads. Moreover, IFE adopts a new generation of frequency conversion technology and integrates permanent magnet synchronous traction machines to greatly improve the transportation efficiency of fire elevators and reduce operating power consumption.

          3. Rebuild the benchmark and move forward steadily in the pace of internationalization

          IFE ELEVATORS has been deeply involved in the elevator field for 35 years, and has won one major project after another in the fields of public construction, commercial and residential at home and abroad, setting one city benchmark after another. Our footprints cover more than 60 countries and regions in Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa, showing the charm of the national elevator brand in major cities around the world.

          PARK 77 is the tallest residential project in Sulaymaniyah. As one of Soleimani's landmarks, its perfect delivery will surely lay a solid foundation for cooperation for IFE ELEVATORS to enhance its popularity and influence in Iraq and even the Middle East. Also, this greatly promotes the deep development of IFE ELEVATORS in the Iraqi market and the high-end high-rise market, and goes further in the development of internationalization.

          In the future, IFE ELEVATORS will take the national "the Belt and Road" strategy as the basis, and steadily and steadily promote the strategic layout of corporate globalization. On the other hand, vigorously develop the domestic market, let the world witness Chinese technology and Chinese manufacturing, and continuously strengthen the advantage of IFE ELEVATORS to become an internationally trusted brand.

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